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The Higher Education Licensure Commission ("HELC", the “Commission”) is a Five-Member Mayoral appointed regulatory, consumer protection authority. They are responsible for public protection with regard to legitimate quality education in the District of Columbia.

The Commission establishes standards for postsecondary educational operations, authorizes operations, approves programs, issues or denies licenses to, and oversees all private postsecondary educational institutions in the District of Columbia.

The Commission is the Mayor’s only entity authorized to issue educational licenses and is charged with advising the Mayor and City Council with respect to postsecondary educational needs of the District. The Commission is responsible for ensuring that institutions under its jurisdiction meet and comply with the standards and other requirements established by laws and regulations. Higher Education Licensure Commission Law and Regulations governing post-secondary education in the District of Columbia (District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR) Title 38, Chapter 13, DCMR Title 5)

The Commission’s granting or denial of license assures students who are enrolled in District of Columbia institutions, that the courses offered and degrees conferred meet their standards, and that the institutions with which they are dealing with are presenting themselves in an honest and forthright manner.

The Commission has additional functions which include, but are not limited to, regulating and enforcing postsecondary laws and regulations, maintaining the student records of institutions which close and have no other depository, issuing certified transcripts, and investigating student and faculty complaints against educational institutions under its jurisdiction.

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