Closed Institutions

The Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC) is the repository for academic records of post-secondary institutions previously authorized in the District of Columbia that have closed with no other arrangements for maintaining
the records. All issuances are certified copies of records as they appeared in the Office of the Registrar upon the school’s closing. Official copies bear the seal of the Commission.

Please use the search field to locate the institution from which the transcript is needed. If the HELC is listed as the contact person, please complete the Transcript Request.

To request a transcript from a closed institution whose records are not maintained by the HELC, please use the contact information provided for that institution.

Lacaze Gardner Business School aka Lear Siegler Institute aka Washington Drafting SchoolHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
Marjorie Webster Junior CollegeHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
Medtech Institute (formerly Sanz College)Health/Allied HealthHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National Children's Center (NCC) Career AcademyHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National Education CenterVicki McKiddyVicki.mckiddy@cengage.com859-657-4351
National Institute for Drug Programs, Human Services Center (wMWJC)HELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National Institute of CosmetologyHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National Institute of EstheticsHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National Radio Institute (NRI) previously Capital Radio Engineering InstituteHELCosse.elcmail@dc.gov202-481-3951
National University Law SchoolPhyllis Gerhardt 937-769-1087

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